Countryside Contra Dancers

Contra dance fun in Central Pennsylvania

If you can walk, you can contra.  Come find out for yourself the fun of contra dancing.

Donald Heiter Center

100 N. 5th Street

Lewisburg, PA 17837

Admission: $10 for adults; under 16 free; 

$5 for students with current ID
(Under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian)

An introduction to contra dancing

starts at 7 PM. 

The dance ends at 10 PM.

All dances are called and are danced to live music that has influences from bluegrass to old-time Appalachian and from Irish to French Canadian and swing.

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE the night away

Sept. 10 Bob Nicholson is calling to the                   music of Strath Hanna

October 8 Hilton Baxter is calling to the 

                  music of Unbowed

Nov. 12 Terry Bachman is calling to the   

                 music of Strings on Wings

Dec. 10 Ted Crane is calling to the 

               music of Wood and Wires

Covid Policy for ALL --

1. All attendees must show proof of


2.  KN95 or N95 masks are required.


Contra dance-fun for all ages

Contra Dancing & Why We Dance

Chattahoochee Country Dancers

What is contra dancing?

Contra dance is a social activity for folks of all ages. There is live music each month and a “caller” who will introduce you to contra dancing at 7:00 PM. The “caller” teaches each contra dance of the evening and helps you have fun dancing. Contra Dance uses figures/patterns that are similar to square dancing but unlike square dancing, any even number of people can dance because Contra Dancing is done in long lines of two people instead of squares of 8 people. If you can walk, you can contra. Come find out for yourself the fun of contra dancing.Dancers enjoy a waltz before the break and at the end of the evening.


Dancers like to share snacks at the break.  The venue is air conditioned.

For more information, call Betsy or Jeff (570) 524-2104 or email:

Dance wherever you find yourself.


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Contra dance- come twirl with us

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